hide and seek

Chickens are funny creatures. Mine have taken over my front porch. But as I've said before, I can hardly blame them. They've witness murder on the back porch. They're not dumb birds...they know the front porch is covered, and secluded, and safe from predators. Ok, this may be an illusion, but so far they've been right. If I could only convince them they're safe in the coop. Then maybe I'd be able to find the eggs.


In the past few weeks, my chickens have been playing hide and seek with their eggs. Only one out of many is laying eggs in the coop. One is laying in the flower pot on the porch, and one is laying behind the condenser unit outside. The rest? Who knows...

Well, I know. Today, anyway. We finally discovered their hiding place, and man, was it a doozy. We found almost two dozen eggs hiding in a poison ivy patch near one of the giant oak trees. It took the hubby a while to cut back the ivy (carefully) to expose the eggs. Then we collected them, washed them, and put them on to boil. You just can't be too careful with poison ivy. Or wayward chickens.

Now that this spot has been discovered, who knows where they'll hide them next. You'd think it was Easter or something. 

Until the next time...I'll be making a big batch of egg salad! 

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Posted on July 27, 2013 .