the quest for a new bed

After a decade of sleeping on the same bed, the high-tech redneck hubby and I are looking for a new place to lay our heads at night. It's been an exhaustive search to find just the right mattress, but we managed to to it. Now the search is on for a frame to hold that mattress. 

We went back and forth about the style we wanted and finally agreed on an antique-style iron bed. Too bad they didn't make anything bigger than a full-size frame back in the day, otherwise we'd be hitting up the local antique markets. But unfortunately for us, we're going to have to search for a reproduction in the size we need.

Now that we've set our sights on a metal frame, we have to wade through the endless different styles out there. But as usual, my taste exceeds my budget. So I'm combing the earth for a bargain that meets my vast criteria. 

It's sort of like buying a lottery ticket and hoping to hit the big one. But I'm not giving up. Not until I have a new bed to put my new mattress. Then I'll start looking for the perfect sheets...and a few perfect pillows...and maybe a new quilt. I do live in an ancient farmhouse after all. I need to have all the cool accessories to go with it, right? 

Until the next time...I'll be on a quest for a new bed. 

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Posted on August 22, 2013 .