attack of the crock pot rooster

Well, Roy--of Siegfried and Roy, our matching pair of Aseel roosters--has struck again. He is determined to attack my daughter, no matter where--or what--she's doing.

Crock pot Roy

Crock pot Roy

She and I sat on a bench outside and watched as the flock of chickens pecked at bugs nearby. The turkeys wandered over to say hello. The chickens had far better things to do. And the roosters completely ignored us. I was certain Roy had overcome his issues. But then, in a bold sneak attack, Roy moved closer, pretending to scout out a worm, then at that last minute made a bold move to rush Alexa.  

She screamed and kicked, and my husband pointed the hose at him. Luckily, he just happened to be watering the new fruit trees. For the hubby, this was the last straw in a growing list of crimes against humanity. It would seem, Roy's bad behavior has landed him on the endangered species list.  

In addition to the attacks, Roy has decided three am is the best time to crow.  And four am. And five am. You get my point. He's turning into a regular Clooney (see archives for poor Clooney's fate.)

So, it would seem we have a future crock pot meal walking around the yard, attacking unsuspecting daughters, and waking the neighbors at all hours of the night.   There's never a dull moment around here.

Until the next time...I'll be looking up recipes. 


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Posted on September 16, 2013 .