so long, summer

I know, I know, it's still a few days before the official first day of autumn, but based on the thermometer, I think I can safely say fall has arrived. For the past few days, I've sat at my new laptop (can you say, yay?) with the back door wide open, listening to crickets chirp as the cool breezes blow through the room. If I had a fireplace (the only real drawback to the haunted farmhouse--missing fireplace) it would be ablaze tonight.

And with the change of seasons comes the resurgence of my creativity. I've been writing almost non-stop for the past few days. I have two new projects underway, and edits for the upcoming Suddenly Sorceress in full swing. Add to that a short stint at the top levels of Amazon's and Barnes and Noble's best sellers list for To Katie With Love and you have a very happy camper.

All I need now is a few pumpkins, a wool blanket, and hot chocolate. Oh wait...I have all those. Yep. Happy camper, indeed! 

Until the next time...I'll be waiting for the leaves to change. 

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Posted on September 20, 2013 .