Happy Easter Fool’s Day!


Before anyone slaps back with “How irreverent of you!” let me just say, I’m not bashing Easter. I love Easter! Especially the part where I get to eat chocolate (which this year, I don’t. Bah!) I’m simply making note that Easter has fallen on April Fool’s Day, and how exciting that is for so many! Sadly, instead of finding a basket of chocolate eggs this morning, I had proverbial rotten eggs pelted at me from the internet in the form of PRANKS! And, ooooh... I do love a good prank. Especially when I’m in on it. I just keep hoping my new agent deal isn’t a prank... Oh, you haven’t heard about my news??? Where have you been, hiding under a rock??? Well, lemme back up a bit and fill you in! 

On Thursday of last week, I signed a contract with Kelly Peterson of the Corvisiero Literary Agency to represent my contemporary YA novel, DEFLOWERING KENNEDY! Needless to say, I. Am. Thrilled. And overwhelmed. And thrilled! Did I mention thrilled??? Yes, I’ve been published before, and I adore my small press publisher—I’m heading to Raleigh in May for our yearly book signing and publishing party, but more on that later—but signing with an agent is to authors what the golden ticket was to Charlie Bucket! Aaand... I’ve circled back around to chocolate again... this new healthy eating thing may kill me yet!

Which reminds me, it’s time to eat!

Until the next time... I’ll be scouring the pantry for stray chocolate chips or loose M&Ms!

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Posted on April 1, 2018 .