Bookies and Wookies

Whew! It’s been a crazy few weeks! I guess you’ve noticed I haven’t blogged in a minute... well, I’ll tell ya why. It’s cuz... I was... well, actually, I...

Yeah, I don’t have a good excuse. Sure, I’ve been busy, but who isn’t? I did a book signing this past weekend, and hubby and I saw the new Solo Star Wars movie. I’m a Star Wars fan from waaaayyy back, and Han Solo has always been my favorite character, so I was a little worried about anyone else taking over from Harrison Ford, but I’ve gotta say, I loved it! And the book signing was a success too! I met new people, signed some books, and some wonderful friends stopped by to support me too. I couldn’t ask for a better day. Then Sunday, I took the hubby to PF Chang’s for Father’s Day. (I say, “I took him” when really I merely went with him, since he drove, he paid, and he picked the location... but hey, that’s what he wanted.) And I totally made a sacrifice by eating all the delicious food he wanted to order even though it destroyed my calories for the day. Hell, I think I gained half a pound just reading the menu. But we’re back to another week, and I’m cooking up some new ideas and stuff to share with you, that I’ll jump on right after I do an hour of cardio. I’m still feeling bloated from those lettuce wraps, and Szechuan beef, and tuna sushi things, and, oh yeah... the cheesecake. Hey, it was Father’s Day for crapsake! Cut me some slack. 

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Until next time... here’s some pics from last weekend’s book signing!



How do you NOT eat one? Right?


Just one! Ok, maybe two???


Tell me those little keychains aren’t to die for? I love those! 

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Posted on June 23, 2018 .