can you get drunk at a salad bar?

I have decided that I need to start writing my blog earlier in the day.  By the time I get around to it in the evening, I am fairly well exhausted and ready for bed.  The trick is, getting up earlier to have something to write about.  And if I did that, I’d be so tired I would go to bed even earlier and I would be back in the same situation.  I guess I will just have to suck it up and write.  Right?

I have nothing worthy of an entertaining blog tonight.  I spent much of the day cleaning up the leftover wrappings and food from Christmas.  Of course, I ate most of the leftover food.  Not as in all of it.  I just sampled everything.  And then I went back for more.  If left to my own devices I might have eaten it all, but I was starting to feel ill so I stopped.  I think it is my body trying to force me into some sort of intervention.  A salad intervention. 

And I am ready to be led to the salad bar. 

So tomorrow I’m definitely having a salad…I can almost taste the crispy romaine!  I was craving one all day and that in and of itself is a bit worrisome. I mean, who craves a salad?  That’s something you eat because you have to, not because you are dying for a taste of it.  You’re supposed to crave chips and dip, or ice cream and cookies, or even a juicy steak…but not salad.  On the plus side, my husband told me I looked really good this evening and suggested that I might have lost a little weight.  I suppose I didn’t eat THAT much today after all.  But I was riding a sugar high from that last piece of pie and the half a brownie I found so I’m sure I had that happy glow.

But as with most happy glows caused by large sugar intake…I am ready to crash for the night.  And when I get up tomorrow there will be no more leftover sweets to indulge in.  I will be free of the temptations and ready to jump back into the healthy food kick.  Or maybe I’ll just wait until next week.  I mean, my birthday is in a few days…I can’t give up sweets before I have my cake, right?

Until the next time…I’ll be on a two day diet until my birthday!

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Posted on December 28, 2010 .