hair today...wig tomorrow

Another weekend is at an end, and it was a scorcher. 

I’m not here to comment on global warming, or whether it’s real or not…I’m just here to tell you that it was very hot this weekend.  I easily had to change my clothes more than once each day due to excessive sweat.  And people…I normally do not sweat! 

While Mike toiled in his magnificent garden (adding sweet peppers and beans to the mix, and doing the final prep on that pumpkin patch) I ran errands with the girls, seeking out things to save money on.  Things I wasn’t even planning to buy, had they not been on sale.  Of course, this was not the method I was attempting to use for my couponing, but it is all still a work in progress. 

I even had a chance to let Lauren do some driving for a change, after we dropped Alexa (now known as “The Road Warrior” for her reluctance to give up the driver’s seat) at a friend’s house.  Lauren doesn’t have the road hours of experience that Alexa has built up, and I seemed to forget that as she took the wheel.  It’s not that she is a bad driver, but she just isn’t as “seasoned” if you will. 

We missed a turn here or there, drove a little under the speed limit for most of the trip, and ramped up the stress level just a tad while she was driving.  But we did reach our destination with no injuries and she now has more driving experience.  Yay!

When we got home I had to take an extra dose of my blood pressure medication…but let’s not tell her that, shall we?

I stopped off this evening to visit Spencer at his new house.  My son is doing very well on his own.  I wish the same could be said for me.  I had not taken more than two steps inside his house when I saw a clump of human hair hanging on the banister.  I was slightly startled, but I truly thought it was something the boys had dragged out in early preparation for Halloween.  The dogs were greeting me at the door, and I wasn’t thinking straight so I said, “Oh…hey someone left their hair here.”  I swear that I had no idea that Spencer’s roommate’s mother wears a wig.  Or rather, wasn’t wearing her wig at that exact moment.  And to my horror, there she was, just out of my eyesite, smiling at me.  I could see the internal groans on the faces of my offspring.  Oops?

I’m sure that will be something my kids drag out again in the future as one of those embarrassing, “Mom stuck her foot in her mouth again” moments.  Still, I thought I covered it up well.  I just said I was worried the dogs were going to get it.  Dogs do that!  My dogs would so have my wig ripped up on the floor in an instant!  If I wore a wig I mean. 


These things just seem to happen around me.  I should seriously consider having a disclaimer tattooed across my forehead.  Beware of dangerous verbal diarrhea , or something like that.

Until the next time…I’ll be practicing my social graces on the cats.

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Posted on June 13, 2010 .