same drama…different summer

Have you ever had déjà vu?  Not just imagining that you’ve been to this restaurant before and you ordered the shrimp primavera both times, but got chicken.  I’m not talking about that.  I’m talking about…been there, done that, don’t make me live through it again! (Like my first marriage.)

Without going into specifics, I’m having one of those days.  I’m beginning to think I might actually be living in the Matrix!

Sometimes it’s not so bad to relive a certain event.  I wouldn’t mind going back to my fifth birthday party.  Or my kids first words, or first steps, or first days of school.  But some drama belongs where it is…in the past.   Too bad it’s often those specific days that come back to rear their ugly heads! 

Which brings me to the ugly head marathon that is my day. 

Amazingly, it has nothing to do with my ex-husband or my husband’s ex-wife—the two ugliest heads in our trophy room of drama.  This time it is the lesser known heads peeking out from the dusty drama shelves with a vengeance.  I’m sure you’re thinking that I’m being a bit too obscure to keep up with me, but unfortunately, I’ve been asked to edit.  I don’t like having to edit, but in the name of family peace, and minimal backlash, I have agreed.  

The cold hard facts are this…sometimes people like drama.  Some even more than others.  I would personally prefer my drama to come from a DVD, but that’s just me.  A very smart person once told me that the only behavior that you can change is your own.  Those around you are going to act as they see fit, and often times they won’t act their age, or their shoe size.

Speaking of acting their age, my puppy has decided that it is indicative of his age that he begins to chew everything within his reach.  Considering that, at fourteen weeks old (and 29.2lbs), his reach encompasses quite a wide area, even the other dogs aren’t completely safe.  Thank goodness my old Labrador, Cybil has a good grasp of her rank around here, because she won’t be pushed around.  But poor Joey (the pit/boxer mix) won’t defend himself against the cat!  So he’s doomed when the puppy decides that his ears are the perfect chew toy. 

It may be time to enroll him in a puppy kindergarten.  More for me than him.  It seems that my skills at dog training were slightly inflated.  I did teach him to sit for a treat.  And he’s almost potty trained.  He even took himself to his bed this evening without being told.  That must count for something.  But when your puppy is destined to weigh as much as your car, you probably shouldn’t take any chances.  It will be good for us—puppy classes.  And as an added bonus, if I’m lucky, it will give me something entertaining to blog about.  Unlike today when I blogged about mysterious drama, and a case of déjà vu.  Speaking of which…haven’t I been here before?

Until the next time…I’ll be attempting to relive the past few hours, looking for a glitch in the Matrix!

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Posted on July 20, 2010 .