sleep blogging

I have no words for how exhausted I am today.  I feel as if I have been awake for three days straight, but it has only been a single day.  Still, I think we managed to cram several days worth of activities into this one day, and it started very early.

We’re at the end of this day and I can’t begin to think of how to classify the longest day ever.  Productive?  Sure.  Confrontational? Maybe.  Forward progress? Probably.  A magical fix to all that ails me? Hardly…but I wish. 

I’ll have to put more thought into it and get back to you tomorrow once I’ve put a little distance between the day and me. 

On a lighter note…my puppy is getting heavier every day!  I weighed him yesterday to the tune of 35.6 lbs.  That means he’s gaining about five pounds per week now.  He still comes and sits at my feet, waiting for me to pick him up onto the bed for attention, and although I can still manage it, I’m certain his lying on the bed days are numbered. 

My straw injury is healed for the most part, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m too tired to function, or because I’ve had a change of luck, but nothing bad happened to me today.  Of course, there is still time in the day for that, so I shouldn’t say anything yet.

I’m not going to give bad luck or bad timing a chance to get to me today.  I’m going to hit the sack early tonight and rejuvenate myself for tomorrow.  I hear it’s going to be another really hot day…with a whole lot going on.

Until the next time…hopefully I’ll be sound asleep.

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Posted on July 27, 2010 .