two acres and a yurt

My husband and I spend the better part of the evening discussing and planning our future.  With the current matters our family has been going through, it seemed entirely appropriate to find a moment to focus on something completely stress free. 

Since the day we met, Mike and I have talked about moving to the country one day.  My idea of the country includes a charming little cottage or farm house (complete with central air conditioning and running water) with a cute little fence and a few chickens.  His idea of the country involves living off the grid, with solar power, deep water well, and a yurt.  What is a yurt, you ask?  It’s essentially a giant tent decked out like a house. 

I was always the hold out when it came to the yurt.  I wasn’t really up for the total commune with nature.  I like things like walls, and windows…and bathrooms.  Who wouldn’t want an actual bathroom?

My husband for one.

He has no problem with the idea of digging a deep hole in the back yard to use for a toilet.  That is definitely a little too far into the rough for me.  First of all, the idea of squatting over a hole seems a little dangerous for one so prone to falling.  Second…eww. 

Need I really say more?

Still, we enjoyed the distraction from the stress, and it was actually very thought provoking.  It made us realize that we really would like to move away from the city and live off the land.  And it gave us something to look toward in the future.  When things are difficult, it’s easy to lose sight of the future, and that can be a dangerous thing for the psyche.  Hopes and dreams are what keep us going on the darkest of days, the longest of nights.  And despite what I thought, I still have those hopes and dreams.  And I’m still willing to move toward them, even if it takes a while to get there.  At least I have a destination.  And when you’re on that long and winding road, you definitely need to have a destination.

Until the next time…I’ll be plotting my course and drawing up my map!

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Posted on July 29, 2010 .