merry anniversamas

I’m a little late getting the blog turned in, but I’m sure I will be forgiven under the circumstances.  Mike and I had a nice anniversary…spent at the Joneses Christmas party.  The food was great, the house was beautiful, and I have a ton of recipes that I need to get tomorrow.   

And despite the holiday frivolity, we didn’t drink more than what was required for a nice holiday glow.  I did, however, eat more than enough cheesecake to wake up with a hangover of a different variety.  I don’t believe I would be exaggerating if I said; everything was so good I could throw up. 

I don’t think I will though.  Instead, I’ll just grab a couple of Tums and try to get some sleep.  I have every intention of sleeping in Sunday, especially since the day will be spent cleaning out the garage, or some other menial task on our quest to get things organized before Christmas. 

It’s time to purge another batch of paraphernalia that no one has bothered to miss in over a year’s time.  I think everyone should do this.  It’s amazing the amount of crap we collect when we aren’t paying attention.  I need to learn to “just say no” to the useless junk that collects in the corners when you can’t figure out what to do with it. 

My new motto is: If it doesn’t have an immediate purpose, don’t buy it. 

It would have saved me the grief of trying to find homes for all the enormous ugly vases that have never once housed a flower.  And I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about throwing away the giant corn husk rooster that is now coated in enough dust to set off an epidemic of asthma attacks. 

Time to turn in…my pillows are calling my name.

Until the next time…I’ll be putting the roosters out to pasture.

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Posted on December 19, 2010 .