pre-holiday ramblings

In no particular order...

Had fun at the party last night.  At least I think it was last night.  Must have had a very good time.  Fell asleep watching an old Christmas movie on the TV in my bedroom and knocked the remote behind the bed.  I will have to endeavor to retrieve it at some point.  Might need giant tongs to reach under there.  Should have vacuumed under there a long time ago.  Does anyone actually vacuum under their bed?  How?  My bed is huge and not easy to move, and my vacuum won’t reach.  Combination of dust and pet hair may have already eaten said remote.  Might as well just go buy another one.  Would be easier and probably safer too. 

Didn’t do much of anything today.  Should have finished the last of my Christmas shopping but after the terrifying experience at the mall on Friday, have decided to wait until after lunch on Tuesday.  Strategy is to avoid all holiday shoppers.  Sort of like picking the best time to go to the DMV.  It’s an art.  Have two more gifts to buy and sort of under a deadline.  Need ideas in a hurry!

Finally my husband has resigned himself to the idea that puppies will chew things if you let them.  Like shoes. Or socks.  Or hats.  Or sweat pants (I don’t know what he sees in the sweats, but he likes them.) And he has come across some mysterious stockpile of jingle bells.  I don’t know where he is getting them, but I have taken no less than six from him in a week.  It’s almost as if he has assaulted a steady stream of elves and robbed them of their jingle bells.  I will need to dig deeper to uncover this mystery. 

Less than a week to Christmas and still haven’t finished decorating the house.  May have to call it a wash and go with what I have so far—a beautiful tree, some lights on the mantle, and quartet of handsome Santas.  No wreaths, no garland on the stairs, no outdoor lights. 

Hardly seems like Christmas at all.  Will have to bake LOTS of cookies tomorrow to make up for it. 

I really do love Christmas…the whole Christmas season.  But this little part of me just wants to ring in the New Year.  I am looking forward to a wonderful 2011…I guess I just need to slow down and enjoy what’s left of 2010!

Until the next time…I’ll be pulling out a wreath for the front door!

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Posted on December 19, 2010 .