seems like old times

I sat down and decided to read some of my older blogs and discovered that a lot has changed in the time since I started.  Or has it?

I have given up diet Coke (and gone off the soda wagon) at least a dozen times.  I am currently clean, and I hope to stay that way this time. 

I was running at a 75% inside out rate with regard to my underwear for a while there.  I would like to say that I wear them right side out all the time now, but the truth is, I try not to notice if I flip them.  My husband pays a little more attention these days and makes me fix them if he catches me wearing them inside out.  So far I’ve only done it once this week.  Or course it’s only Monday.

I have been on and off about a dozen diets (including one that required me to eat everything with chop sticks) and my weight has stayed exactly the same.  This, in and of itself, is pretty impressive considering how much junk I consume.  This tells me that if I could give up the junk and the soda at the same time I would start to lose weight rapidly.  But given the fact that it is currently Christmastime, I have decided to wait until January.  Check back with me in January to see what my excuse is then.

I have flooded my stove, forgotten to open the flue to the fireplace (more than three times), and set fire to something in the microwave.  I was banned from my own kitchen, and forbidden to play with matches.  And then I quit my job and became the chief cook and bottle washer around the house and was given my kitchen privileges back.  Unfortunately, that means I have to cook.  Except today, when we went out to eat.  Leftovers are getting old fast!

Over the course of this year, Henry Chow (Ninja Kitty) has been repeatedly brushed to the point of creating an entirely new cat with the excess fur he sheds, and yet he has not changed in size.  I now wish I had saved all of that extra fur.  I could have sent it out to be spun into yarn.  I could be wearing a Henry Chow sweater at this very moment!  That could be a project for next year. 

I have gone on several wild goose chases to find the perfect restaurant with no wait on a Friday night.  Despite learning that this is an impossible quest, it has not stopped us from trying at least every other week.  Isn’t that the definition of insanity?  But hunger does make a person crazy doesn’t it?

The resident teenagers at our house have had their ups and downs but they are still in residence for better or worse.  We have located all missing dongles, guitars, and assorted other video game paraphernalia, and it’s a good thing too, because the girls bring their friends here more often to hang out and play games.  This was my idea, wasn’t it?  I won’t complain, because at least I know where my kids are and what they’re doing…even without using the GPS locators they now carry with them at all times.

Basically, it’s been a pretty good year of blogging.  Thanks to my readers for keeping me motivated and dedicated to the cause.  I think it’s time I created a link to everyone’s favorite blogs...that’s a project for this week. 

Until the next time…I’ll be waiting for your comments so I know what to include.

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Posted on December 27, 2010 .