that’s just a bunch of malarkey

I went to my sister’s house this evening for a bit of holiday fun and games. Today may have been the day after Christmas, but it is still firmly planted in the middle of the holiday season. 

My husband accompanied me—not much of a game player, but he drove the Land Rover through the ice and snow.  My mother is still in town, and thanks to the snow in Atlanta, she wasn’t up for venturing out on this cold night, and since she always stays with my sister…Mike and I made the trip across town.

When my sister invited us to come play a game, she neglected to mention that I needed to bring the game, so when we got there, there were only two games to choose from…Fact or Crap and Malarkey.  Both trivia games of sorts.  Mike and I both like trivia so we agreed to play. 

As my sister said early on during Fact or Crap, “this game is boring!” then she disappeared to find Malarkey. 

I had never played Malarkey before, and after tonight, probably never will again.  It was sort of fun once we got through the impossible directions.  The instructions were so confusing we had played three rounds before Mike had caught on to the rules. 

Basically the object of the game was to create a bluff answer to a trivia question. 

There was so much laughing people were passing gas. 

Mike wanted to quit three times, but I wouldn’t let him. He said the game was dumb. I was having fun.  We ended up quitting and going home.  But it was a fun evening just the same.  And it’s nice to be back at home.  I’m sort of enjoying this lazy holiday routine.  I could go for a few more days of this.  Maybe it will snow again tonight.

Until the next time…I’ll be praying for more snow!

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Posted on December 27, 2010 .