cat for hire


Still moving things into the new house.  At this rate we will be moved in sometime just before spring.  So far the plan to use two vehicles and one small trailer is working out brilliantly.  (Note the sarcasm dripping freely from my thoughts.)

Still, I understand my husband’s reasoning for using resources we already have at our disposal.  As many of you may already have discovered, he is obsessive about conservation.  And lately, he is all about conserving money.  I don’t mind conserving money, but I draw the line…well, I draw the line all over the place. 

At least we have the dogs happily settled in at the new house.  Unfortunately, the cats are still hanging out in the old house and I’m not sure if they feel as if they have been abandoned (despite the fact that we are in and out all day long) or if they feel as if they have finally secured the entire house for their own.  I can imagine Henry Chow, ninja kitty, lurking around the semi-empty rooms muttering about how he has finally rid himself of those miserable dogs.  What a shock it will be to him when he discovers that he will be reunited with his “friends” all too soon.  Next thing you know, he will be putting an ad up on craigslist, looking for a new home.

Seeking employment:

One fierce ninja kitty—fully equipped with functional ninja weapons and not afraid to use them.  Current position includes sleeping most of the day, glaring menacingly at anyone in my path, and keeping the dogs in line.  Willing and able to assume the “alpha” male position in your home, and ready to defend the home from errant furniture and feather dusters.  I will gladly chase mice for fun, but my compensation should be in the form of the most expensive grain-free cat food you can buy, a perfectly tidy litter box, and a comfortable chair in which to sleep.  I should also require frequent petting and attention at my convenience.  Otherwise I will be asleep in my chair. 

Well…I don’t know if Henry Chow will get any serious offers, but I’m certain my husband would be more than willing to give him whatever help he needs in finding this new job. 

For now, Henry will just have to try to get along with the dogs. 

As for me, I’m still sorting things out between two houses.  I suppose as long as I have a bed, a TV, and an internet connection, I’ll be fine.  After all…I have everything that’s really important already—my family. 

Until the next time…I’ll still be moving!

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Posted on January 23, 2011 .