what does a girl have to do to get a box?

Day three of the move.

Beginning to feel like refugees, carrying personal items in laundry baskets and tote bags.  This of course was another means of conserving resources.  My husband’s new motto could be, “Why buy boxes when you can pack small loads and reuse the containers?” 

Many more days of this, and I will write a three page list as to why saving trees is overrated and boxes are my new best friends. 

Today the cats were loaded into the car for transport (without boxes.)

They were not amused.  Or rather Henry Chow was somewhat intrigued, if not amused by the short jaunt to the new house.  He didn’t even mind Bart pressing up against him in the back seat of the Land Rover.  That is to say, he didn’t pull out the ninja claws and scratch anyone.  Henry rode in the back seat until he discovered the view was better from the front. 


As predicted, the cats were not happy to see that the dogs had already taken up residence in the new house.  And because we have downsized, there are less places to hide.  A few empty moving boxes may have come in handy as hiding places, but…no boxes here. 

Speaking of conservation—and admittedly, I just thought of this—making dozens of small trips to move may actually be using more resources than it is saving.  The Land Rover eats a lot of gas!  I definitely need to bring this up…later.  I’m too tired to start a debate at twelve-thirty in the morning.  I’m surprised I was awake enough to write a blog! 

Until the next time…I’ll be playing referee between dogs and cats!

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Posted on January 25, 2011 .