could it be a polterpup?

So I think it’s probably a bad idea to yell at a ghost.  I don’t have any practical knowledge about this, of course, but I’m making an educated guess based on all of the scary movies I’ve seen throughout my life.  Yelling at a ghost never ends well for anyone. 

This is what I told my husband the other night after he stood in the middle of our empty bathroom, shouting at the top of his lungs (at three in the morning no less) at the unseen presence that we were sure was there.

Yep, we have a ghost in our house.

I am pretty sure of this.  I have heard noises lately that could not have been made by any living creature in my house.  Noises, like the phantom drinking from the powder room toilet, the phantom rifling through my bedroom closet, and the phantom digging through the cat box. 

Every time I heard the sound I would investigate, expecting to catch one of the dogs in the act, but every time there was no one there.

Yes…in case you didn’t catch the meaning behind this…my ghost is a dog.  I am being haunted by the ghost of our dearly departed Lady. 

Who else would be drinking from the toilet and snacking in the cat box? 

 Back to that yelling at the ghost thing Mike did the other night.  I haven’t heard any noises since then, so maybe it worked, but then again…maybe she’s just waiting until I let my guard down. 

I wonder if the Ghost Hunters would come to my house to investigate a canine haunting.   I don’t think I’ve seen something like that before.  I’d watch that episode.  I suppose I should just keep an eye on the living dogs in the house to see if they notice anything strange.  I could always leave a few dog treats in my closet to see if anything eats them. 

Or maybe I’m just being super paranoid. 

Nah…it couldn’t be that easy.

Until the next time…I’ll be staying out of the closet at night!

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Posted on January 3, 2011 .