reality bites

I woke up this morning with a renewed vigor.  With Christmas, New Year's, my birthday, my anniversary and Mike's birthday all behind us, it was back to reality for me. There would be no more sleeping in late.  No more lounging about the house all day.  There would be tasks completed, and progress made.  And the first order of business was to get the registration renewed on all five cars. 

My birthday is December 31st, so that means my auto registration is due by that day every year.  In Georgia we have to pay taxes on our vehicles as well, and that is also due by your birthday.  Mike's birthday is ten days before mine, so we put my name first on the vehicle registration to give us a little more time. Even then, we always run it down to the wire.  The whole birthday due date thing is highly inconvenient when it falls right in the holiday season.  Especially when you have as many vehicles as we do.  I would say that five cars is excessive, but because we have two adults and three offspring that need vehicles, it’s really just a necessity. 

So the first thing we had to do in order to complete the first order of business was to get the emissions testing done on the first vehicle.  Luckily, I had already done that for the Land Rover months ago, so I didn’t have to repeat that.  So off we went to the emissions testing facility and then to the tag office. 

The tag office is the last place any intelligent person should find themselves on the first day after the New Year holiday.  It was packed.  And by packed I mean there was standing room only.  Thank goodness I have a new trivia game loaded on my phone so I could play trivia to pass the time. 

After several rounds of trivia it was our turn and we took care of business and got out. 

The rest of the day was laundry, organizing and a little bit of tidying up. 

The evening was spent introducing our youngest child to the Vampire Diaries television show. 

I had already pulled my other daughter into my obsession, and she’s hooked, so it was time to get the youngest involved. 

Yes, I know it is another vampire obsession, but it doesn’t count as an obsession if I can draw everyone else into it too.  Then it’s sharing.  And what sort of parent would I be if I didn’t share things with the kids?  

So we stayed up until almost one am watching season one of the show.  We didn’t get through all of the episodes, so we will pick up where we left off tomorrow.  The best part is, because Mady hadn’t seen any of the episodes yet, I can watch them again.  Perfect plan, isn’t it? 

Ok…I’m off to bed.  I might just listen to a few episodes until I fall asleep.  If I use headphones no one will even know.  Well…except you, now that I told you.  But you won’t tell anyone…will you?

Until the next time…I have thirty three episodes to keep me busy!


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Posted on January 4, 2011 .