next of make believe

I have no idea how a day can go so wrong.

It started out fine.  I got up, had breakfast, cleaned the house...I did some really productive stuff. But somewhere in the middle there it went off in a direction that I can’t explain. 

Mike and I weren’t fighting when we went to bed, and we didn’t fight during the day, but somehow from the moment he came home from work it was like an electric current of dislike.  I said something that I thought was fairly innocuous, “dinner is ready.” And he took it as something combative and from there it was all a jumble of misunderstandings and hurt feelings. 

Even now we are in different rooms pretending to be fine when really I think that is the furthest thing from the truth.  I don’t always know how to deal with these situations, and after years of practice, I know I should.  I suppose this is why I take solace in my little obsessions.  I can disappear into a good book or a well loved movie and I can decide when and if I am ready to surface. 

But I haven’t gone into my “other world” just yet.  I have things to do first. 

Like write a blog.  I’m coming up on one year of blogging.  Can you believe that I have written a blog every single day for almost an entire year?  I don’t know if I can claim to have done many things with that degree of consistency. 

Not every day has been exciting…life doesn’t always work that way…but it is my life spread out there for the world to see.  There were days when I had a lot to say, days when I had a little to say, and days when I had no idea what to say, but I found a way to get the words out there.

It has been cathartic for sure.

And with the support of my faithful followers, I will keep on writing.  2011 is going to be a great year!  I’m looking forward to a lot of great changes and a lot of new experiences.  Life doesn’t sit still for anyone. 

But tonight, I’m going to go to that “other place” I go when I need to escape.  Don’t worry, I never stay too long.  Just long enough to remember why I like the real world—bumps and bruises and all…

Until the next time…I’ll be waiting out the storm in my quiet place.

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Posted on January 6, 2011 .