what are you chewing under there...


I'm trying to decide how embarrassed I should be. After all, its not everyday my bra makes the rounds in the backyard circuit. Indy has decided to use my undergarments as security blankets. When I let him out this morning he carried a bra in his mouth as he galloped into the backyard, but he didn't have it when he came back ten minutes later.

I woke up to discover that he had rifled through my laundry basket and was sleeping with my favorite bra. Another bra was filled with teeth marks where he had been gnawing on the underwire. Luckily I discovered this before wearing it. I can't imagine how I would explain to anyone why I had teeth marks in my bra. Not that I have a lot of cause to flash my underwear in public, but imagine what would happen in the event of an emergency! What if I had been in an accident? The paramedics would be dumbfounded.

But the state of my under clothes notwithstanding, how will I explain to the lawn service how a bra ended up wrapped around the weed eater? I suppose there are worse things he could have run off with, but I don't even want to think about that. I just know I need to make trip to Victoria's secret pretty soon. I'm running out of underwear.

Until the next time...maybe I could say the teeth marks happened from the accident.

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Posted on January 8, 2011 .