the family that watches together...

I have successfully managed to not only get the kids hooked on the Vampire Diaries, but now I have drawn my husband into my newest obsession. It makes it so much easier that way. For the past two nights we have stayed up well past midnight to get everyone caught up on the episodes that have aired so far.  I won't even admit how many times I have seen them, because I, of course, have the entire series downloaded onto my computer for my constant viewing pleasure.  And since the next installment is still a few weeks away, we have time to watch all thirty three past episodes.

What would a Vampire Diaries marathon be without popcorn? And what could be better than hand popped popcorn from an old fashioned kettle popper?

Of course, my track record with the stove is spotty at best, so no one should be shocked to hear that I set fire to the old fashioned stovetop popper.

Now, I have actually popped corn before. In fact, my "whirly pop" hand cranked corn popper has been well seasoned.  But tonight when I put the pot on the flame to heat up and dumped in the oil, it was...whoosh!

The flame burst out of the pot with a "roar" and I actually fell backwards to get out of the way. My scream brought my husband running to see what I had done (there was no mistaking that it was me who caused the trouble) and one of us (I'm not even sure which one) slammed down the lid to extinguish the fire before the whole house went up. 

Believe it or not, its not everyday I set something on fire...well lately anyway.

But all's well that ends well...Mike took over the corn popping from there (the pot was sufficiently warmed up at this point) and we enjoyed a perfect bowl of popcorn with our show.

I guess maybe its time to pick up a package of microwave popcorn again.

Until the next time...we'll be watching season two until the sun comes up!

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Posted on January 9, 2011 .