a sweet vintage treat

I braved the sparkly world of early Christmas displays today to hit up the local craft store for a few Halloween decorations.  Thanks to the overflowing of Christmas, Halloween was on half-off clearance, and I was in the mood for some spooky purchases.

I like to think of myself as a vintage girl.  And no…that’s not the same as “old”.  I have a thing for turn of the century houses, antique furniture, and classic art.  I like my music from another era, my favorite clothes have a timeless air, and when it comes to my Halloween decorations, I definitely lean toward the old-fashioned.  Specifically, pieces from the twenties and thirties. The people of the roaring twenties definitely knew how to scare each other!

I was in luck today.  There was a entire motherload of paper mache pumpkins, ghosts, and black cats in the style I was looking for.  But even more than that, there was an entire treasure trove of things I hadn’t even thought of!

So, I ran around the store, filling my cart with things I didn’t need, but had to have, as I oooooed and ahhhhed over the die cut rats and crows.  Gasped and eeeked over the witches and skeletons.  All the while, trying to block out the Christmas carols playing in the background.

Finally, when I’d found every single item that screamed (pun intended) vintage, I drove my cart to the check out lane.

As I passed by, I glanced at the candy display.  A flash of red caught my eye and I came to a screeching halt in front of something I hadn’t seen in years. 

Did I mention I had a taste for the vintage? 

I’ve often longed for the candy I loved when I was a kid. Confections no longer stocked in stores.  Delicacies relegated to my tastebud memories.

I think I giggled.  One of those creepy little giggles you might hear coming from an old man in a strip club.  It was straight up, old fashioned, candy lust.  I was officially a candy-phile.

I looked both ways, making sure no one was watching me before I shoveled the treats into my cart and hurried to the check out counter to pay. 

Once I reached my car, I tore into the wrapper, eating a corner of the paper as I savaged my long lost Zagnut bar in a sugar induced frenzy.  Once I’d finished the first bar, I ripped open the wrapper on the second treat, succumbing to the addiction without a single thought. 

Mallo Cups were my second favorite candy from days gone by and they were more than worth the wait. 

It didn’t take long for the sugar high to crash into a candy coma.  Thankfully, by then I was home with no access to sweets.  That didn’t stop me from craving more, and I may need to seek out help to stop me from going back to the craft store tomorrow for whatever they have left.  In fact…if I get up really early I can be there when the doors open first thing in the morning. 

Can anyone say “intervention”?

Until the next time…I’ll be hanging up my Halloween decorations and eating carrot sticks!

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Posted on October 18, 2011 .