what is sexy?

Sexy?  Oh sure…I know.  Webster defines sexy as being, “sexually suggestive or stimulating.” But what exactly does that mean?

Are we talking about the fuel to your fire? The harmony to your melody? The keys to your libido?

When I hear people speak about sexy, they always refer to an object of perfection.  A Greek god or goddess.  A sleek sports car. The most delectable dish imaginable.

Advertisers want us to believe only flawless naked bodies are sexy.  They tell us that racy cars, lacquered in candy apple red, speeding down a deserted highway are sexy.  Hot melted chocolate drizzled over just about anything is sexy.  And ok…I’ll admit it.  Those things can be sexy. But isn’t sexy more than that? Isn’t sexy something different for everyone? One man’s bunny is another man’s Botticelli? Or something like that.

To me, sexy is an off-kilter smile and a day’s growth of stubble.  A strange sense of humor where he can laugh at his own shortcomings.  An indefinable glance that makes my toes curl from across the room.  It’s something in the timbre of a man’s voice when he whispers sweet nothings into my ear on a moonlit night.  The way he brushes his lips across my cheek in the moments before the actual kiss, and the silence that follows.

Sexy isn’t something you can order online in a pretty package. It’s something you cultivate over time. It isn’t one size fits all…it’s tailor made to fit.  It doesn’t jump off the page, it’s tucked in between the lines. 

Sexy is a feeling created from within.

At least that’s what’s sexy to me.  What’s sexy to you?

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Posted on October 20, 2011 .