just another day in my boring life

It all started with this dream...

I woke up with the creepiest feeling.  It was one of those dreams you almost need to finish just to allow it to come back around to something good.  It never had a chance, because the phone rang, waking me up.  Try as I may, I couldn't fall back to sleep.

As long as I was up, I figured I would tackle more boxes.  I almost had the entire living room unpacked and put away.  Just a few more boxes and it would be done.  But I had a few errands to run too. 

So off I went to pick up the girls, pick up prescriptions, and pick up the mail from the other house...

And when I got back, I had to pick up the bag of garbage the dogs tore open and the shredded paperbacks the dogs decided to "play" with.  I suppose that is just a few less things I will need to put away.  By the time I was through with the clean up, it was time to look for Joey again.

Yes...he got out of the yard again.

Don't ask me how.  I never really know how it happens.  I let the dogs out and took my eyes off Joey for less than a minute.  That was all the time it took for him to vanish.  Two hours later, I was picking him up from a woman who found him in her yard playing with her two little girls.  It was a fun adventure for all.

Except for me.  Instead, I wasted a few gallons of gasoline, and a whole lot of time, waiting for the phone call telling me someone had found him.  As usual, he found children to play with, and he was happy as can be when I arrived to pick him up. 

The minute I had dropped him back at home, I got a phone call from my friends in the old neighborhood that someone was trying to break into my other house...the one that has yet to be transfered to the new ownership and therefore, still my responsibility.

So I drove as fast as I could (without getting a ticket) to the other house, where I discovered a landscaper, who was working on the house next door, parked in my driveway.  Part of his "crew" was attempting to scavenge the rear yard for treasure, while the other half had found a way into my garage and was looking through my trash, and trying to find a way into the house. 

After reading them the riot act, effectively chasing them away, I marched over to the neighbor's house to chastise him for giving his landscaper permission to park in my driveway.  All in all, it was a rousing good time.

By the time I was done doing that, it was time to meet up with my son for lunch. 

I gave him a pep talk and some motherly advice before feeding him and sending him on his way. 

When I got home again I discovered that the dogs had chewed up one of my husband's expensive shoe inserts...the ones I told him to put away before he went to the office this morning...the same ones that he left within reach of even the shortest of our dogs. 

I have to admit, he didn't get mad when I told him...After all, I did warn him this would happen.  He even offered to take me out to dinner for all the work I did on the house today.  He really is a good husband.  Even if he did leave a bag of garbage out for the dogs to tear open. 

Nobody's perfect, right? 

Not even boring stay at home mom writers...

Until the next time...I'll be starting all over again in the morning!

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Posted on February 23, 2011 .