little dog lost

I think I may have solved the problem with Joey escaping the yard.  I followed my mother's advice (no big surprise there, Mom's are always right) and found an Elizabethan dog collar.  Joey was less than happy to wear it, I'm not sure if his issue was with the collar itself or the color. 

It's hot pink.


But under the circumstances, I think hot pink is a fitting color for this escape artist.  At least I can be somewhat confident that Joey will be unable to vanish on me...until he figures out how to get the collar off.  Until then, I guess I will focus my attention on another lost dog.

I was at the vet just the other day, Indy and I were there for his weekly weigh-in, and I had just missed a strange woman (another "guest" from the dance studio next door.)  According to my friends at the vet, the older woman came in asking questions about the little stone dog just outside the entrance.  It was Dr. Dunn's mascot, a gift from a friend. 

The woman wanted very specific information about the stone terrier.  She referenced specific artists that she thought may have carved the lifesize statue.  She also asked if anyone knew where she could get one just like it. But because it was a gift, no one could give her the answers she was looking for.  All they could tell her was the dog was a special member of the vet office team, and they were very attached to it.  The woman never once asked if she could buy the dog, but she was clearly enamoured. 

Fast forward to the next day.

I noticed it right away when I pulled up.  I saw the little dog, but something was off.  Was I just imagining it? was definitely different.  In fact, it was a different dog!

The crazy woman had stolen the stone terrier and replaced it with a ceramic beagle!

No one knows exactly when the switch occurred. Or how anyone could be so bold!  She obviously felt some degree of remorse for taking the stone dog, that was why she replaced it. But as nice as this replacement dog may be, it is not the original dog, and therefore, not an equal exchange. 

The woman must have lost her marbles!

Speaking of marble...

We finished the marble top on the island today.  A huge relief!  I just need to paint the cabinet and the island is done! 


After all that, I think I deserve a day of rest.  Off to the spa for me tomorrow!

Until the next time...I'll be getting pampered (hopefully without a single blog worthy incident!)

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Posted on March 14, 2011 .