the more the merrier

It’s funny how things change. 

Mike and I made the agonizing decision to part with our house (the first house we owned together as a married couple) and downsize to the house we are in now, in large part due to the fact that we were anticipating a time, in the very near future, when we would be empty nesters.  We had already seen one of our kids grow up and move out.  Spencer had been living on his own since June.  In addition to that, Lauren is planning on going into the Air Force in the fall.  And Alexa has grand plans to go to college and get an apartment with friends. 

So other than the dogs, we figured we would be living alone...sooner than later.

What is that saying about the “best laid plans”?

Spencer moved back home this week.  So our “empty” nest is now full to the brim.  And believe it or not, I am not complaining.  It’s sort of nice to have all the kids under the same roof.  It’s cozy…in a good way.  I think it might actually be bringing the family together a little bit more.  Living in a big house is like living in separate places.  We may have been under the same roof, but we were rarely together. 

And who doesn’t love togetherness? 

Until the next time…I’ll be having family night every night!


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Posted on March 15, 2011 .