those hamsters are pretty smart!

We survived the storm.

It was a scary night, but nothing severe came all that close to where we live.  It was far too busy to the north and south of us to pay us any mind. 

For once I was glad to be ignored. 

I did stay up fairly late watching the weather reports on the off chance that a new storm cell would sprout up, putting us directly on the path of destruction. 

It didn't. 

So my new car escaped the threat of hail and downed tree limbs to drive another day.

And as for today?  I spent a good bit of time trying to pair the bluetooth on my phone with the bluetooth on the car so I could make a hands-free phone call.  I think I'm really going to like that feature.  And surprisingly, I think I will like the mood lighting on the speakers.  They toggle between the colors of the rainbow along with the beat of the music on the radio.  It's not a very grown up feature, but it makes me happy.  Apparently, I'm easy to please.

I wish my husband thought so!

Then again, I can't complain about him.  We have gotten along famously over the past week.  Better than we have in months.  I don't know exactly what changed, but I don't really want to analyze it too closely.

Happy is happy!

I guess you could say I'm as happy as a disco loving hamster (the mascot of my new Kia Soul).  Is it strange to name your car?  I think I might want to give it a name and a personalized license plate. 

It may be time for another intervention...I'm talking crazy again!

Until the next time...I'll be zipping around town in my new car!

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Posted on April 28, 2011 .