a fascination with royalty

I am wondering, as I sit through the hours long replay of today's royal wedding, what is the fascination with royalty anyway?

I can vividly remember watching as Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married.  I was a young teenager and I glued to the television as the spectacle unfolded before my eyes.  It was a real life fairy tale being played out on the world's stage.

But of course, we know how that fairy tale ended...so why do we still flock to the spectacle?

I think there is a magic in the idea of royalty.  And the hope of a happily ever after.   

I know I have hope.  I believe in magic.  And I believe in royalty...after all, it's in my pedigree...remember? You may call me "your majesty"...

Until the next time...I'll be dreaming of pumpkins and glass slippers!

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Posted on April 30, 2011 .