are you sure it's only Tuesday?

I cried for a solid thirty minutes today. 

I don't even know why, really.  No one died.  No one broke up with me.  No one was sick, or angry.  Nothing had broken.  No one spilled milk.  It was just the culmination of a really busy day.  One of those days where you have all your balls in the air and you're trying to juggle them with one arm in a sling!

Mike had the Land Rover in the shop on the other side of town and he had to go to the office with my car.  I had to get Spencer to work, get a ride to pick up the Land Rover, and have lunch with my niece (since she had a car and I didn't.)

I did manage to get it all done, somehow.  Well, no small my daughter who drove me to the other side of town to get the Land Rover in rush hour traffic, rather than spend time with her friends on a Tuesday afternoon. 

The rest of my evening was spent mulling over building plans for our dream cottage. 

If only I could get Mike to understand that my OCD is not just something to laugh at.  I need balance.  I cannot visualize the kitchen in the middle of the house.  I want it on the end. 

He just laughs and offers me a sedative. 

I suppose I'll live.  We haven't even finished the plans yet...I'll just wait until he falls asleep move walls around.  He'll never notice!

Until the next time...I'll be picking Spencer up from work before going to bed!

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Posted on May 10, 2011 .