so about that yurt...

You may remember me sharing a conversation between myself and my husband almost a year ago...

"Since the day we met, Mike and I have talked about moving to the country one day.  My idea of the country includes a charming little cottage or farm house (complete with central air conditioning and running water) with a cute little fence and a few chickens.  His idea of the country involves living off the grid, with solar power, deep water well, and a yurt.  What is a yurt, you ask?  It’s essentially a giant tent decked out like a house." (two acres and a yurt

Well, after our conversation tonight, I'm beginning to think of a yurt as something just a little more civilized after all. 

We were investigating our options for the future.  The future wherein we live a self-sustainable lifestyle in the woods somewhere.  I haven't changed my standards...I still want my charming stone cottage, a la English countryside, complete with air conditioning, cable TV and hot and cold running water...but I admit, I am intrigued by the idea of the low impact woodland home, built into the hillside like a hobbit house. 

I don't think I could live in something like this full time, but it would be fun to build it as a vacation getaway or retreat.  As long as I can still have my cell phone with internet connection, I think I could "rough" it for a day or two at the very least. 

With life getting ever more complicated and stressful with each passing year, Mike and I are ready to begin this  next phase in our lives together.  I just hope we have the stamina to see it through.  It would be a shame to let go of the dream now that we have gotten so close to seeing it realized. 

Thus begins our journey...

We are actively making plans to break ground on our dream.  I don't have a date or a definite direction just yet, but I do have a spark...and sometimes all it takes is a spark to ignite a mighty fire. 

Who knows...I may have to start thinking about that woodland house after all. 

Until the next time...I'll be planning the next step!

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Posted on May 9, 2011 .