some days it pays to be a mother

I was awakened this morning by my son, who promptly informed me that I needed to get up and get dressed because he was taking me to breakfast. 

One doesn't complain when being taken out for breakfast on Mother's Day. 

The wait was horrendous, but since it was just the two of us, we didn't have to wait as long as many others.  I don't think it hurt that my son works at the same restaurant he took me to, either. 

After eating more stuffed crepes than a person should eat, we set out on a shopping spree. 

My son hit the bookstore while I looked for shoes.  This is never a fun task, and today was no exception.  I didn't end up buying shoes, but I did buy four new blouses to console myself. 

After was Mother's Day, and I was the mother.

I took Spencer home and headed back out to meet up with my sister and her daughter for more shopping.  Once we satisfied our needs (and shopped the best sales in a long time) we treated ourselves to lunch.  Not that I needed to eat again, but it was Mother's Day, and I figured, why not?

After stuffing ourselves with bison burgers and strawberry shortcake, I headed home, yet again, to regroup with the family.  The girls were out running around with friends, and Mike was stuck working on a "hot" project for work since he was "on call" for the fifth weekend in a row. 

Let it be said here and now that I did warn him about taking "call" for so many weekends in a row.  He is, in fact, burned out on the whole idea...overtime pay is just not worth it sometimes.

We did manage to steal away for a quick trip to the Home Depot.  While I was there, I picked out an orchid (because I love orchids) and decided that it would be my Mother's Day present from Mike.  He just smiled and paid for it like a good husband.  And if he should read this...thank you honey!

After our Home Depot excursion, and since Mike was still on call, I figured I would take the kids out to dinner (all of them this time). We had pizza, and I don't have a clue how I managed to eat even one bite, but I had my fair share.  I even brought leftovers home to Mike.

After dinner, I decided to take in a movie with my sister and her daughter. 

And I admit it.  I got popcorn at the movie too.

I think I can probably skip eating completely tomorrow. 

If I ever come out of the food coma I feel myself slipping into...

But food coma or not, it was a great day.  The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been if Mom could have been here.  Well...someone had to clean the stalls in her barn!

Until the next time...I'll be contemplating a short stint of bulemia...or a few Tums at the very least!

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Posted on May 9, 2011 .