what happened to spring?

I woke up frozen this morning. 

I suppose that is an exaggeration, but it was pretty cold just the same.  The temperature today was hovering in the upper fifties...in Atlanta, Georgia...in May!  What happened to the warm weather?  Global warming?  Greenhouse gasses?  They were trumped by the coming ice age, apparently.

I was too cold to think, so I let the dogs outside for a while and then tucked myself under the down comforter to sleep a little longer.  I knew I couldn't sleep all day...I had a lot to get done today, and even more that I was hoping to get to...but I wasn't ready to think about all that.  I was just happy that I hadn't packed away the winter bedding quite yet. 

Once I dragged myself out from under the blissfully warm blankets, I got to work on Alexa's graduation announcements.

I am very proud of myself for getting them done, even if they are about a week late getting into the mail.  The good news is, anyone who knows me very well will be completely shocked that I got them out at all!  I'm not exactly known for my "card mailing" prowess.  The Mother's Day card I sent my mom this year was the first one she had gotten in ages.  And I had to warn her it was coming so she didn't faint dead away to get one from me.  On a side note, I've already bought and addressed a Father's Day card to my dad, and it's ready to be mailed...sometime in June...but one can't be too prepared for these things.  I'm trying to turn over a new leaf.  New tricks for an old dog, so to speak.  Hence the graduation announcements.

I created them myself, using fancy stationary and a lovely computer program that does wedding invitations and the like. 

And when I was done with that, I hung a few pictures on the walls in the living room.  Pictures that have been leaning against the walls since we moved in, waiting for me to put hammer to nail and hang them. 

Now that that's done, I suppose I can take a breather.  It's still cold, and I wouldn't mind crawling into bed early tonight...that down comforter is amazing on a cold night.  But first, I need to pick Spencer up from work. 

So much for staying warm!

Until the next time...I'll be cutting firewood and pulling out the winter clothes again!

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Posted on May 17, 2011 .