what day is it anyway?

I made a declaration earlier tonight.  I stated that it was ten-thirty on a Thursday night and I was buzzed on half a wine cooler.  And it would have been a true statement...if it had been Thursday.

Unfortunately, it was Wednesday...

Clearly, I should have stopped at a quarter of a wine cooler.  But just because I went ahead and finished the whole thing (even if it did take me an hour to sip my way through it) it doesn't make me a drinker. 

Hopefully it will make me a heavy sleeper tonight, though.  I've had a busy day.  And tomorrow doesn't look much better.  I have to go to my daughter's school for her graduation rehearsal in the afternoon, an end of year program in the evening, and I have a million things to do in the hours leading up to rehearsal. 

If anyone needed a drink tonight, it was me!  And I surely tied one on with my single wine cooler.  It's a good thing I know when I've had enough...

And when it's time to hit the sack. 

So goodnight...wish me luck tomorrow.  I'm going to need it!

Until the next time...I'll be waking with the chickens to get my day started!

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Posted on May 18, 2011 .