a picture is worth a thousand words...

What are "a thousand words" worth these days?

I have developed a new fixation...a fixation with photographs.  It has come on the heels of a project I am working on for Alexa's graduation. I am creating a photo display of her life, from birth until graduation, and it has taken me into the weath of photos I have taken over the course of the past (in her case alone) almost eighteen years. 

But in digging through all the pictures I have yet to organize (of course) I have run across pictures taken before even I was born.  Pictures of my own parents, and their parents before them.  And I have decided to do an entire wall of my living room devoted to old black and white (or sepia) photos from my own family tree.

I started out by framing a few "old time" portraits taken of the kids over the past several years during various vacations.  I now want to suppliment those with authentic "vintage" photos.  I know I could shop the antique malls to find similar photos depicting total strangers, but I think it will be much more fun, and maybe even sentimental, to hang portraits that mean something to my family.  I may even re-tint some modern photos in sepia and slip those in as well.  It should prove to be quite striking and artistic.  I will be sure to add pictures as soon as I have pictures to add. 

I'll start you off with one that is close to my heart.  A photo taken at a family reunion back in 1925.  It is from my father's side of the family and the little boy in the photo is my father's father.  How cool is that?

Until the next time...I'll be digging through pictures and working on the presentation!


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Posted on May 20, 2011 .