is bigger always better?

What does it really mean to be the "bigger" person?  And when is it the right time to be the bigger person? 

Let me go back just a little bit...

I had a falling out with someone recently...not a close friend or family member, but rather a person I know professionally...someone whom I had always had the utmost respect for.  I can't honestly lay all the blame at her feet, I played a part in the "falling out" but I feel as if I still behaved with respect, wherein she was disrespectful, taking it upon herself to embarrass me publicly. 

I have spent many hours laboring over the decision I should make.  Can I forgive a public humiliation when I had always gone out of my way to sing her praises to anyone who would listen?  Should I share my side of the story with others as some sort of retribution?  Should I speak with her, even after her biting words cut me, and ask for some sort of apology?  Should I forgive and forget?  What should I do?  

I am still greatly saddened by the loss of this relationship, and I fear that if we can't repair things,  I will need to replace her with someone else in her field...something I do not want to do.

So this is where I have to ask myself...should I just be the bigger person? 

But if I am the bigger person, will that be enough to repair the rift? 

I have no idea...but I suppose I don't have to find the answer today.  I can always let a little bit of time work it's magic.  I really hope we can come to an understanding that will allow us to work together again...the health and welfare of some of my most beloved family members depend on it!

Until the next time...I'll be contemplating my next move!

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Posted on May 24, 2011 .