the golden rule

Today I came to difficult realization.  I was going to have to step away from an unsalvageable relationship and move on. 

Moving on is never easy, and I am very sad to be faced with this inevitability. 

Thankfully, I’m not talking about my marriage…rather; I’m referring to the relationship with my veterinarian.

As I wrote last night, although perhaps somewhat obscurely, I had a falling out with my vet recently.  All the respect I had for her evaporated in a single breath as she embarrassed me in front of her staff and several clients in her office last week. 

Her reason for being annoyed, no matter how valid it may have been, does not excuse her blatant rudeness or lack of professionalism.  She should have spoken to me privately if she had reason to say something…not in an open office where people were listening to her every word. 

Life is too short to have stress and unresolved feelings, especially with the people in whom we put our trust.

I imagine she will end up regretting her words—I was one of her first clients, and I referred many  people to her office—but after long and careful thought, I have decided to find a new vet.   I simply came to the conclusion that I would never again be able to feel that same level of comfort I had felt in her office.  I would never again trust that she was giving the very best care to my animals.  Not when I had every reason to suspect animosity toward me. 

It has really made me realize how important it is to show our best face at all times.  We all have that dark side in us—the angry, bitter side that pops out at all the wrong moments—but that part of us needs to be kept at bay.  You just never know when you are on the brink of damaging an important relationship. 

Or perhaps just causing another person undue discomfort. I guess that's where that saying comes from, "do unto others..."

Until the next time…I’ll be searching for a vet!

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Posted on May 26, 2011 .