is there anything else?

Have you ever had one of those moments when you ask yourself, "what else can go wrong?"

I don't think we should ask the question, even internally.  There is a very real chance that the mere thought of something bad happening could actually be the trigger.  And believe me...I've been pulling the trigger far too much lately.

My daughter had an accident with the car today.  She appears to be fine, and the car (thankfully not my new car) is only a little worse for the wear.  Cosmetically speaking, it now looks like it belongs to a teenager.  The hood is slightly buckled, and the grill was torn off.  

Under the hood, everthing looked just fine, but I should have waited to look because closing it again was not as easy.  I had to scoot myself across the hood and bounce up and down to force it to close.  I even managed to pinch my bottom between the hood and the fender.  I'm not looking forward to explaining THAT bruise to my husband. 

I can only hope that, just perhaps, having gotten her first accident out of the way without major repercussions (the only bruise may be the one on my backside) was the best thing.  I imagine she will drive much more carefully in the future.

But repercussions or not, her minor bumper scrape has done nothing good for my propensity to have panic attacks (we high strung artist types are prone to those things.)

Now that the adrenaline has burned its way out of me, I am ready to hit the sack, so to speak.  I hear that tomorrow is Friday, and I'm all for Fridays.  I just might get to do something this weekend. 

I won't jinx myself by asking, "what more could go wrong?"  I really don't want to know!

Until the next time...I'll be hopping on the hood of the car to get it to latch!

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Posted on May 5, 2011 .