and the loch ness monster is living in my bathtub!

I eavesdropped on the most interesting conversation this evening.  I didn’t mean to, but you know how it is…sometimes you are just sitting too close and they are talking too loud. 

In this case, it was in the coffee shop at the bookstore.  I was minding my own business, clicking away on my laptop—trying to make my deadline on a project due tomorrow—and “they” were sitting at the table beside me, sharing a single laptop, waxing philosophical about the legendary chupacabra.

I had heard of the chupacabra.  It is said to be a horrifying creature with a wild dog face, sharp teeth, and lizard-like scaly skin.  Most scientists agree that chupacabra is an urban legend, but the two “gentlemen” sitting just a foot or so from me had, apparently, let their subscription to Scientific American expire. 

Did I mention the fact that both men were dressed in head to toe camouflage (right down to their camouflage baseball caps)?  Or that they sounded like they were auditioning for a remake of the Beverly Hillbillies? 

At first, I thought they were kidding, but then they started talking about the assault rifles they were shopping for online.  Everyone knows, if you’re going to hunt a chupacabra, you’d better have one darn powerful weapon! 

After all…they are mythological—those are the hardest creatures to kill!

Until the next time…I’ll be setting a trap in the backyard to catch big foot!

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Posted on May 6, 2011 .