powerball anyone?

I had an interesting conversation with my son today. Today, out of the clear blue, he told me that I should win the lottery.  Not as in, "wow that would be cool if you won the lottery."  Or, "I really want you to win the lottery."  But rather, "I think you should just do it.  Win the lottery."  As if I had some control over the situation...some way of affecting the outcome. 

If only that were true. 

The kicker was...he was planning on how much I would "give" him, and how he would invest it.  My kid is no dummy. But I do think he was overestimating my generousity...giving him more than one third of my winnings?  Not so much.  We spent nearly thirty minutes discussing how he would invest his share...and the merits of why he should get considerably more than his siblings.  Basically, he feels they are not as smart at investing as he is...like he has a portfolio already or something. 

He doesn't. 

In fact, I had to spot him a dollar at McDonald's today.  He'll give it back.  I hope.  Then again, it's just a dollar.  Maybe I should get him to buy a lottery ticket with it.  I think if we are serious about winning, at least one of us should actually buy a ticket...right?

Until the next time...I'll be picking my numbers for tomorrow night!

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Posted on June 23, 2011 .