good for you new york

I don't think my parents were happy about my first marriage.  I don't think they ever really liked my ex-husband.  And all things considered,  maybe they were right to feel that way.  In hindsight, maybe they knew better than I did.  But they respected my right to make the decision for myself.  Good or bad.  Right or wrong.  Ultimately, the choice was mine, and mine alone.

I never once worried that I would be denied the opportunity to marry the person I loved.  I never lost a moment of sleep worrying that someone else would deem my choices "inappropriate".  It never even occurred to me to be thankful for the right to marry the person of my choosing.  In fact, I have married...divorced...and married again, without ever having to ask permission to do so. 

Others I know haven't always been so lucky.

Today, the great state of New York took steps to extend the rights I have taken for granted to those who have otherwise been denied. 

This change doesn't affect my life in the least. 

But it will make a huge difference in the lives of the people who can now enjoy the same freedoms I have had since the day I became an adult. 

Isn't it about time? 

Until the next time...I'll still be happily married!


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Posted on June 25, 2011 .