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Welcome to the Weekly Guest Spotlight 

DC McMillenTonight’s guest is writer, DC McMillen, author of the newly released novella, The Rusty Nail. For more about DC, click to visit her website.

In honor of DC’s book release, we’re doing something a little different tonight. DC has agreed to write a bit of frisky flash fiction for our reading pleasure. So, as they say, let’s get on with it…(or was that, let’s get it on? I always get those two mixed up.)


“Ball gag?”


“Furry hand cuffs?”


“Silk ties”

“Check. But do we have to use my good ties?”

“Oh, so you want to wrap my wrists in cheap polyester?”

“No, Honey, you’re right.”

“Feathers? Candles?”

“Check, check.”

“Excellent. Now we need a safe word.”

“How about stop?”

“Nobody uses stop, John.”

“Okay, Banana.”

“Everyone uses banana.”


“That’s stupid.”


“Jesus, John. No fruit!”





“Michael Baldwin.”

“Just one word, John. One fucking word.”


“A tomato is a fruit.”

“It’s not a vegetable?”

“Nope, it’s a fruit. And a peanut is actually a legume.”

“Interesting. Did you know honey never spoils?”

“Perfect! Our safe word is honey.”

“That won’t work. I call you honey all the time.”

“But I don’t call you honey and I’m the one using the safe word.”

“What do you mean? Won’t I be the submissive?”

“Why would you think that? I am obviously the submissive here.”

“Whatever you want honey, you’re in control.”

“Peanut. The safe word is peanut.”

“Or peanut butter.”

“We do love peanut butter.”

“Especially with honey.”

“Yeah, peanut butter and honey sandwiches are the best.”

“You know, I’m a little hungry.

“Okay, let’s break for lunch.”

Thank you for reading my 200 word flash fiction piece. If you are interested in reading more of my work, I recently released an erotic novella called The Rusty Nail. Here is the blurb:

Despite the dim lighting in his rundown bar, Randall sees the seemingly random lives of his customers intersect in the most unusual ways. Why, in just a single day, he eavesdrops on a gay man flirting with his straight boyfriend, spies a Stepford style wife slip into the shadows of a cracked leather booth to join an Italian bombshell wearing a trench coat, stilettos and not much else, and demands a lunatic in search of chocolate milk to vacate his establishment, all the while hoping his slick and skuzzy landlord doesn’t show up to collect back rent.

What Randall doesn’t realize is that, other than their questionable taste in watering holes, these patrons all have something in common. Each one of them will experience a unique sexual encounter that will awaken, enlighten, or perhaps even devastate their lives.

You can purchase a copy of The Rusty Nail here.


Until the next time…I’ll be (sigh) packing!

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Posted on March 16, 2012 .