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Tonight’s guest is writer Julie Butcher. For more about Julie, click her picture to visit her website.

My Writer Day

This one had gone extremely well. By ten o’clock I’d wound my way through a maze of plot pot-holes, figured out a major motivation for the bad guy and added eight thousand words to the manuscript. This much success, that early, should have been a dead give-a-way. *Back to the manuscript.*

By eleven o’clock, my youngest son emailed that his Mp3 had been taken away at school, could I please come pick it up and pay the ten dollar fine? Of course, that wouldn’t be until later, so I was good. *Back to the manuscript.*

At noon, my youngest daughter called to ask if I was picking her and my seven-year-old nephew up from school since it was an early release day. HOLY CRAPOLA! Evidently I didn’t know what day it was. I was still the hubby’s boxers and wife-beater undershirt (It was hot, okay?) I grabbed the first things to come to hand, gave up on finding two shoes and hot-footed it to the car.

I swear to God I didn’t know I’d put on green pants, a grey tank and a blue/black/purple tank at the same time. I did, however, notice I was barefooted. I also might have forgotten big hair wasn’t in and was half-way to the school before I remembered I didn’t have a hair brush.

This was not funny guys. I had to WALK INTO THE SCHOOL to retrieve the children. It was however very entertaining to the ladies in the office, and the assorted people in the parking lot. When I dropped my nephew at Grandma’s house, my mom came out to the car, shook her head, and turned around.

I heard her laughing all the way down the block. *Back to the manuscript* Twenty words later, the phone rings and it’s the Dear Husband needing banking information off the internet. *Back to the Manuscript.* College Daughter calls to fill me in on all things Sorority. *Back to the manuscript* I swear to God I had THREE WORDS written when the High School Son gets home and bounds into my Writer Clubhouse.

Still in the clown outfit of doom, I go into the high school, retrieve the Mp3 player and another daughter. *Back to the manuscript.* I hadn’t even opened the document when my mom showed up. The awesome outfit of color fit right in at Wal-Mart (I’d brushed my hair by now) and TV antennas were purchased and installed in Mom’s new house.

Three hours later I’m home, still in clown clothes, and I remember this post.

*Back to the manuscript.*


A huge thanks to Julie for pulling this guest post off in less than a day. She’s my new best friend! As for me, I wish I was getting back to the manuscript. Instead, I’m still moving. Gah! Will it never end?

Until the next time…I’ll be drinking wine (for medicinal purposes, of course.)

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Posted on March 30, 2012 .