damn bugs

A word to the wise…never leave the windows open after dark. Not when you live in on a farm. Especially a farm in the mountains. I learned this the hard way.

I can go up against an army of flies all day long, but bring in a few rust-colored wood roaches and I find myself standing on the coffee table, shrieking like a little girl, urging my husband to commit mass murder of the insect variety.

I still haven’t recovered.

I’ll probably have nightmares…visions of Will Smith battling the intergallactic cockroach in Men in Black. I think I might have to sleep with the lights on. I’m considering freeing my chickens to roam the house in search of bugs. But that might just cross some sort of line.

Remember how excited I was to be moving into the historic farmhouse? How thrilled I was to explore the history…to recapture the former grandeur? Yeah, not so thrilled anymore. I had no idea the recapturing I would be doing would involve bug nets. Can we get those flies back instead? Maybe the frogs? If I remember correctly, frogs eat bugs…that might not be such an awful plague, right?

I’m coating my skin in Off! That should do the trick. Yep, I’ll be sleeping alone tonight for sure. Hey, not to worry…I’m getting used to it.

Until the next time…I’ll be calling in an exterminator.

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Posted on May 8, 2012 .