why I love wine

I love wine because it make me feel like a grown up.

A grown up who giggles like a four year old watching puppies play on the floor.

I love wine because it makes me brave.

So brave I contemplate running into the cold rain on my front lawn…in my underwear.

I love wine because of it’s anti-aging properties.

It’s proof positive that sometimes getting older really does mean getting better.

I love wine because you pour it into pretty glasses.

Pretty glasses just like the forty-two pretty glasses I just unpacked in my kitchen.

I love wine because it’s an all weather beverage.

Unlike lemonade or hot chocolate, wine is cold going in, but warm going down.

I like wine because wine doesn’t care if I’ve shaved my legs. 

Or brushed my teeth, or washed my hair, or sat around in sweat pants all day.

I love wine because it speaks French.

And it makes me speak French when I say Cabernet…or Chardonnay.

I love wine because it’s best friends with cheese.

And who doesn’t love cheese?

I love wine because it’s healthy for my heart.

After only two glasses I start to feel all romantic.

And I love wine because I drank some…

But I suspect I won’t love it in the morning.

Until the next time…I’ll be nursing a wine hangover.

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Posted on May 9, 2012 .