zombie chic

It’s that time of the year again.  The time of the year when I contemplate a fresh new youthful haircut.  The inspiration came, perhaps not coincidentally, right about the same time I cruised down the magazine aisle at the grocery store this evening and discovered all the new hair style magazines.  There is almost nothing more exciting than new spring fashions on display! 

So I parked my cart filled with blueberry yogurt and wine (ok, so I had food too) along the aisle and leafed through the pages of three different magazines.  It was much of the same thing in all of them.  And it would seem that the new “in” style is to have that “long since dead” appearance.  And by that I don’t mean, resembling some famous starlet who has passed on to the next place, ala Marilyn Monroe, or Audrey Hepburn.  I’m referring to “dead” as in “the walking dead” or “hey, you look good for a dead person.” 

Zombie chic.

So, of course, I find myself wondering how I can get that look.  I want to look chic and zombie-like if that’s the new style.  I already have the proper pallor—vampire pale.  I just need a few more dark circles.  And I’m sure I can handle that, with my current “lack of sleep” situation and all.  But then I started thinking—do I really want to look like a lifeless wax statue of myself during the hot and sunny summer? 

Probably not.

Wax melts in the sun, and it will most definitely be a sunny summer in north Georgia.  So, I guess it’s just a new hair cut for me instead of a totally new “look”. 

I went back to leafing through the hair magazines.  Aside from the striking fashion statements of the pale, lifeless (in desperate need of a sandwich) models, the hairstyles were all very ordinary.  Boring even.  I didn’t see anything that was perfectly…me. 

So what did I decide?

I decided that I don’t need to make a decision tonight.  There’s nothing really wrong with my current haircut.   And why should I find some starved fashion model to copy when I have such an enviable style all my own?  I’m all about bed head chic for my hair.  It’s has the look of someone who has just had to pick herself up off the floor after an unexpected fall.  Or perhaps someone who has just caught her hair in the car door, or on a low hanging tree branch.  My hair works for me, and I’m not really ready to change that.  Besides…I’m a trend setter now.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Until the next time…I’ll be tousling my hair while driving fast with the windows open!

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Posted on June 19, 2012 .