I really need to sleep more

Morning. It slides over me like an icy glove, shocking me awake in the eerie light of dawn. I know I’ve forgotten something, but I can never quite remember what.

Have you ever really looked at a bug? The big creepy outdoor kind you discover in summertime. They have antenna that make them look like they must surely get HBO. But if they do get cable, why do they insist on walking across my television screen while I’m watching? It’s not like shooing a fly away, or even simply squashing them. They’re big, and crunchy, and full of juice. They’ll leave a nasty mark on the screen, and I’ll be forced to remember them forever. So I leave it, hoping it will get it’s fill and wander off. But it doesn’t. It decides to watch along with me…and I wake up with their image burned behind my eyes.

I really need to sleep more.

Until the next time…I’ll be taking a nap.

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Posted on June 20, 2012 .