a ghost in the machine

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again. My house is haunted. But I’d like to think it’s haunted by nice spirits, not nasty ones. Then again, after the conversation I had with the kids this evening, I’m stocking up on holy water and rosary beads (can you get those at the local pharmacy?)

Apparently, we’ve had quite a few ghost sightings around here lately. The neighbor kids (the Goonies) mentioned seeing a little girl in the window of one of the upstairs bedrooms long before anyone moved in the vacant farm house. My husband and I have heard noises coming from the basement late at night. And the dogs have heard footsteps on the upper floor when no one else was home to be upstairs. I had finally accepted these as normal. No need for an exorcist, right? But then my daughter’s boyfriend saw four figures standing on the front lawn in the middle of the night, staring up at the house. This after a nightmare in which the earth came to an end. So ok, that might have freaked me out just a little.

But, hey…I’m still here. (Stocking up on holy water and rosary beads, remember?)

The good news is, I’m not such a Debbie Downer today after the wonderful words of support from everyone yesterday. Thanks all! Sometimes you just need a reminder of what’s important, I guess. That and a good scare to knock some sense into you.

Not to mention a handsome (and quite flirty) young rooster. I think he’s decided my coop is his coop. I can’t open the doors without him flying right inside to perch on the nearest piece of furniture, followed by the entire flock. Silly bird. I’m starting to feel like the crazy pigeon lady of Central Park. All I need is a big floppy hat with a pink carnation. Yeah, don’t get any ideas.

Until the next time…I need to get the flock out of here. I need some sleep.



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Posted on June 28, 2012 .