is summer over yet?

I’m torn. Sure I love the lazy days of summer. For purely nostalgic reasons if nothing more. Who doesn’t remember hopping on their bike, destination unknown (even if that was only to the end of the driveway because Mom wouldn’t let you cross the street.) Long days, star filled nights, lemonade stands and  homemade ice cream. Yeah, I used to love summer.

Now, I’m not so sure…

No matter how much money I spend on prevention, my dogs are still scratching at fleas. The hornet’s nest outside my bathroom window has reached epic proportions and now I have hornets joining me in the shower. The neighbor kids are home from school, wreaking havoc like only teenagers can. And my air conditioning runs full blast on a daily basis, causing my electric bill to cost more than that much needed but seldom realized vacation would have.

Can’t we just fast forward to fall?

I love fall. I love crisp cool evenings and hot cider. I love pumpkins, and apples, and soft woolen sweaters. I love the leaves when they change colors, and moon when it glows orange.

And yeah, I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but I can’t help it. Maybe I just miss the days when summer meant something different. And maybe I just miss the bittersweet feeling you get when summer ends.

Does anyone have a tissue?

Until the next time…I’ll be enjoying those last days of summer with fall on the brain.

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Posted on August 15, 2012 .