something to talk about

Let’s give them something to talk about…

Um…maybe not? Yeah, even I have a gag order when it comes to certain subjects. The truth is, sometimes the funniest things in my life are the things I’m not allowed to talk about. Sure, I can spread my own mishaps all over the internet, and even then, I know my husband cringes. But there are certain things I can’t divulge. And sadly, those are the things I most want to tell. I can’t even tell you what it is I can’t tell you, as if that’s not confusing enough.

Let’s face it. Marriage is funny. Pillow talk can be exceedingly funny. At least in my house. I’ve been known to break into song…dirty showtunes, really…without warning. And without the help of alcohol, just so you know. And sometimes, I’m completely unaware when I do something funny, like flashing my cleavage to a crowded restaurant simply because I can’t seem to keep my feet under me when I walk. I’m sure I embarrass the hell out of my husband on a near daily basis, but somehow he loves me anyway. So, how can I possibly deny him this tiny bit of discretion in a world of near full disclosure? Quite simply, I can’t.

But, oh how tempting it is.

Until the next time…I’ll be singing Gershwin in my underwear.

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Posted on August 16, 2012 .